Regularly-scheduled Paper Shredding Service

Running a business is already challenging and time-consuming. Business owners spend countless hours each day (and often on nights, weekends, and holidays) making sure every aspect of their business is operating at optimum levels.

Protecting Private Information

Protection of sensitive client information isn't just excellent customer service - it's the law. Avoid a costly lawsuit, potential jail time, and permanent damage to the reputation of your company by taking every possible precaution. Protecting private information could be the difference between keeping your doors open and losing everything your business has worked towards. Enlist RW Lone Star to safely and securely dispose of confidential documents and files.

Customized Services

If you aren't sure how often you need paper shredding - weekly, biweekly, monthly, quarterly, or even twice a year - RW Lone Star will help you determine the best schedule to fit your needs and keep your business running smoothly, and compliantly.

If you want to make sure your business stays on top of disposing of confidential and proprietary information, regularly scheduled paper shredding services are an easy way to make sure nothing is accidentally discarded improperly.


Specialized Technology

At RW Lone Star, we are equipped to handle any amount of paperwork around your schedule. We also offer document scanning services, in case you would like to back up your files while clearing out your storage spaces.

How it works


Get a customized quote for the services you need.


Choose when and where you want your service.


We arrive on the scheduled date, collect your confidential information, and securely destroy it.


All services come with a Certificate of Destruction for your records. All paper documents are securely recycled.